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ACT at the Henry High School

The ACT will be offered at the Henry School District this year. It will be on Wednesday March 16th, 2022 in the morning. There is no NTHS scheduled this day. You will be using your computers to take the ACT. This will cost every student that takes the test $48. This is cheaper than if students had to sign up for it on a weekend and take it in Watertown or Clark. As of right now, we do NOT need you to pay. However we need every student that plans on taking this test to sign up at the follow google form below BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK (deadline December 21st.) We will have you play Gail when it gets closer to the exam, just not yet.

Sign up below:

Who can take the ACT?

The ACT is designed for juniors to take. By November or December of a student’s senior year, they should already be looking at applying for colleges if they plan to attend. That is why it is important to take it their junior year. Some seniors will take it, because they want to increase their scores. You can receive a lot more money for colleges through scholarships by having higher scores.

Really ambitious sophomores are also welcome to sign up. It is designed for a junior level, but some sophomores want to see their scores to work on improving them. Or there are a few dual credit classes, that you have to take an Accuplacer first before being able to take those classes in high school. The ACT could replace the Accuplacer in those situations. Please talk to Mrs. Hauck if you are a sophomore on considering signing up. We can talk about the pos and cons of you taking this early if you are questioning it.

Why would you take the ACT?

If you are planning to attend post-secondary education, then it would be very beneficial for you to take this. By taking this, you don’t have to take an Accuplacer to determine what classes you can start taking at the institute you plan to attend school at. It also helps with a lot of scholarships. Many scholarships need an ACT score.

Additionally, there is something new within the last year in a half. Now ACT has what is called a super score. So if you take the ACT more than once, then they will use your best score in each area. This is amazing! I wish I had this when I was going to school!

At this link directly below, students can complete a practice test and practice material to help set them up for the exam. I can assist students with this if needed. I am hoping to have a practice exam here at the school with all the students signed up to take the ACT here in Henry on a Friday or at the end of January or beginning of February during a school day. These dates have not been determined yet.

If you have any questions, please ask me. Do not procrastinate. Please sign up 😊 This will only be offered at the school once.


Brigett Hauck, MS, CRC

Henry School Counselor

(605) 532-5364

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