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From Elementary to Middle School

Today, we end a couple of chapters and start new ones. We shut the chapter on the 2020-2021 school year, and the chapter on elementary school.

This group of kids has been through a lot. We were quarantined twice, a full-time online student, an individual quarantine. We all survived the 5th grade and will be moving on to middle school (Yes, including myself). I couldn't be more proud of how hard these students have worked. They were pushed harder throughout the year. They have amazed me by breaking through all of the goals that I set for them.

I can't wait to watch this group grow. I can't wait to see them thrive throughout their years in middle school and high school. Remember, once a nerdster, always a nerdster. :)

Thank you for allowing me to teach year, to push you, to care for you!

Congratulations to the 5th graders!

Enjoy your new chapter in middle school.


Mrs. Bertsch

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