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Going that Extra Yard

The Florence/Henry football team knows that it takes an army of people to volunteer for the season to run as smoothly as it does. We are very fortunate to have as many people as we do step up in both communities as volunteers to help these young student athletes succeed to the best of their potential. Tonight, we would like to honor one volunteer in particular. On behalf of the NFHS and the College Football Playoff Foundation the Florence/Henry football team and staff would like to present Tyler Thue the Extra Yard for Teachers game ball, t-shirt, and gift card for all he has done for us. Tyler Jon is a main component in the weight room all summer that pushes the football players to bigger, faster, and stronger so we can compete on Friday nights. He is also the Social Studies teacher at Henry School and invests in these kids’ education everyday. You will see him on the sideline on Friday night helping out with stats and he is never one to ask for anything in return. Mr. Thue on behalf of the Florence/Henry football team and staff we appreciate everything you do. Thank you. Extra Yard for Teachers @CFPExtraYard #ExtraYardGameBall

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