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Henry Elementary Sings Happy Birthday to Local Resident Who Turned 100.

Mr. Leif Eidsness of Henry celebrated his 100th birthday on April 4th, 2021. He is a 1939 graduate of Henry School. The Henry School helped him celebrate this very special birthday. The elementary classes of Kindergarten thru 5th grade with approximately 70 students took two busses out to Mr. Eidsness’s farm. Mr. Eidsness still lives in his own house at his farm which is just amazing!! After arriving at the farm the students all got out of the busses and then sang Happy Birthday to him. They also presented him with two giant birthday cards that had been signed by all the students at the Henry School. Kindergarten students sent birthday cards to him in the mail and he commented on how good their drawing was. He wanted to meet them so as each class was recognized they held up their hands to Mr. Eidsness so he knew which classes they were. We hope he enjoyed his very special birthday.

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