Henry Oral Interp 2020 Season

The Henry OI team had another successful year though it was quite different! The students had to adapt to recording their performances and submitting them to be judged instead of presenting them live. Students participated in several virtual meets including the ECC Oral Interp Meet, Governor's Invitational Meet in Pierre, Brookings Fall Fest and the District, Regional and State Meets. The Henry Oral Interp Team included DeLaney Anderson, Tehya Grode, Chase Kelly, Collin Fuller, Hayley Goodall, Reagan Johnson, Aubrie Hartley, Jozie Hyatt and Jaden Thomas.

The team took first place at Districts, advancing 5 entries to Region Contest including Collin Fuller (oratory), Tehya Grode (poetry), Jozie Hyatt (storytelling), Collin Fuller and Chase Kelly (duo) and DeLaney Anderson, Tehya Grode, Chase Kelly and Collin Fuller (readers theater). A special congratulations to Chase Kelly and Collin Fuller (duo) and Tehya Grode (poetry) who advanced to the State Festival.

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