Henry School Performs “Grits and Gravy”

On Monday, March 28th, Henry school performed the play, ”Grits and Gravy” by Burton Bumgarner.

There was an afternoon performance for the students at Henry and an evening performance for the community. Synopsis:

“In a desperate attempt to save money and boost ratings the President of the Letz Eat Television Network, Robert Gourmet, sends his reporters to the small town of Magnolia Blossom, Alabama, to cover the town's annual Grits and Gravy Festival. Held annually at the local truck stop, this extravaganza features a pageant with three very competitive contestants, whose talents include taxidermy and putting a Corvette engine on a John Deere tractor. Citizens, visitors, reporters, and network viewers and actors all combine to tell a truly hilarious tale of small town quirkiness, network mismanagement, and fried food.”

Students participating in the play included Collin Fuller, Tehya Grode, Chase Kelly, Aubrie Hartley, Hayley Goodall, Jozie Hyatt, Logan Lutz, Jaden Thomas, Gannon Mohr, Denver Jenner, Sofia Reil, Alyssa Anderson, Dylan Jensen, Julie Schmig, Amy Schmig, Ashlyn Angermier, Shaydin Reuer, Aleeah Green, and Xaviah Smith. The play was directed by Mrs. Martens. Special thanks to Maddy Kittelson and Taylor Monnens for their work on painting and designing the set.

This group of students worked hard on preparing this play and did an amazing job!

Thank you to everyone who attended!

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