Homecoming 2021 List of Events

Monday: September 13

Dress Up: Safari Day

Afternoon Activity: Cornhole Tournament and Yard Games

Yard Games:

Timber Toss

Bottle Bash

Kan Jam

Evening Activity:

Coronation @ 8PM in the Gym

Food Eating Competitions

Possibility of eliminating all together due to later start of event

Volleyball Intros and Speech

Football Intros and Speech

Cross Country Intros and Speech

Presentation and Crowning of Royalty

Closing Remarks

Burning of “H”

Tuesday: September 14

Dress Up: Country vs. Country Club

Dress like a “one-percenter” (fancy golf clothing?) or country folk

Afternoon Activity: Class Games

Evening Activity: Volleyball @ Willow Lake

Wednesday: September 15

Dress Up: World Crisis

Afternoon Activity: Trivia/Board Games/Kahoot

Trivia in the gym

Board games in common area

Thursday: September 16

Dress Up: Culture

Encourage kids to adopt the traditional dress style of a world culture (Chinese, French, Mexican, etc.)

Afternoon Activity: Dodgeball Tournament

Planning to provide popcorn and water for kids

Other: XC @ Aberdeen

Friday: September 17

Dress Up: Spirit Day

Wear Falcon gear!

Afternoon Activity: Float Building w/ Parade @ 1PM, followed by dismissal

Evening Activity: FB @ Florence vs. GPL

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