Homecoming Week Overview

Homecoming 2022 Daily Overview - Disney Theme

Monday, September 19th

○ Dress Up Theme/Day: Sleeping Beauty/Pajama Day

○ Afternoon Activity: Cornhole Tournament & Yard Games

○ Evening Event: Coronation @ 7:30 PM | Henry High School Gym

Tuesday, September 20th

○ Dress-Up Theme/Day: Lilo & Stitch/Moana - Hawaiian Day

○ Afternoon Activity: Yard Games/Board Games/eSports

○ Evening Event: Volleyball vs. Sisseton in Florence

Wednesday. September 21st

○ Dress-Up Day: Disney Character Day/Disney Duo Day

○ Afternoon Activity: Class Games Day #1

Thursday, September 22nd

○ Dress-Up Day: Disney Heroes and Villains

○ Afternoon Activity: Class Games Day #2

Friday, September 23rd

○ Dress-Up Day: Spirit Day

○ Afternoon Activity: Float Building and Parade (1PM)

■ Float Themes:

Seniors: Toy Story

Juniors: Up

Sophomores: Cars

Freshmen: Moana

8th Grade: Beauty & the Beast

7th Grade: Lion King

6th Grade: 101 Dalmatians

○ Evening Activity: Football vs. Deubrook in Henry

■ Arby’s Sandwich Feed in Common Area

● 4:00 PM - Halftime of FB Game

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