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Music & Art Night

On Monday, March 7th, students from Henry School participated in Music & Art Night held in the school gymnasium. Students performed their favorite songs and displayed their artwork for the audience. It was a wonderful evening and great opportunity to recognize the many talents or our students.

The night was filled with a variety of music. Student participants included Collin Fuller, Tehya Grode, Aubrie Hartley, Jozie Hyatt, Hayley Goodall, Jaden Thomas, Dylan Jensen, Alyssa Anderson, Ada Rider and Aanya Fuller.

Students were also invited to bring their own artwork to display. These students included Maddy Kittelson, Ashlyn Angermier, Hayley Cornelius, Aanya Fuller, Jaron Ducker, Aubrie Hartley, Kya Keszler, Alaynah Hovde and Samarah Martin.

Thank you to all of the students who participated in performing musical selections and to those who brought in their artwork to display! Thank you also to our audience members for attending and supporting the students!

Music Selections Performed:

"Remember Me" - Hayley, Jozie, Aubrie & Tehya

"Bubbly" - Tehya

"One Call Away" - Aanya

"Lass From the Low Countree" - Hayley

"Clouds" Aanya & Ada

"White Horse" Hayley, Jozie & Aubrie

"Distance" - Tehya

"Shine Your Way" - Ada

"Never Gonna Give Up" - Dylan

"Fly" - Hayley, Jozie & Aubrie

"Devil Town" - Alyssa

"Thunderstruck" - Jaden & Collin

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