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Region Music Contest

Eleven Henry students participated in the Region III Music Contest held this February. This years contest looked quite different and instead of an in-person contest, students had to record their performances and submit them to be adjudicated virtually.

Participation in this event takes extra time and dedication, preparing additional musical selections beyond what is expected in the classroom. Congratulations to everyone on their performances! Their time and willingness to go above and beyond is appreciated!

Thank you to all who participated! Collin Fuller, DeLaney Anderson, Tehya Grode, Maddi DeVille, Kaylea Bentley, Hayley Goodall, Jozie Hyatt, Aubrie Hartley, Jaden Thomas, Allison Stark, Kaitlyn Mischke

Congratulations to the entries receiving a superior rating:

Clarinet Solo:

DeLaney Anderson

Clarinet Duet:

DeLaney Anderson & Tehya Grode

Girls Vocal Ensemble:

DeLaney Anderson, Tehya Grode, Hayley Goodall, Jozie Hyatt, Aubrie Hartley

Percussion Ensemble:

Jaden Thomas, DeLaney Anderson, Tehya Grode, Allison Stark, Aubrie Hartley, Jozie Hyatt

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