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"Two Fronts" - Henry Performs One Act Play

Last week, students participating in One Act Play performed "Two Fronts" by Christy Fredrickson for region competition in Brookings at the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center.

In One Act Play Competition, schools get 45 minutes to set up, perform and tear down the play. They are then critiqued by 3 judges.

The cast received numerous positive comments on their performance. Seven cast members also received outstanding actor awards for their performance including Collin Fuller, Chase Kelly, Gannon Mohr, Jaden Thomas, Jerime Surber, Aubrie Hartley and Hayley Goodall.

"Two Fronts" is a drama about what took place during WWII on both the home front and the war front.

The cast also performed a dress rehearsal performance for the school on Tuesday afternoon prior to going to region competition.

Students involved included, DeLaney Anderson, Tehya Grode, Hayley Goodall, Jozie Hyatt, Aubrie Hartley, Alyssa Anderson, Collin Fuller, Chase Kelly, Jaden Thomas, Jerime Surber, Gannon Mohr, Dylan Jensen and Wyatt Kittelson (lights).

Thank you to everyone who participated and worked so hard to prepare for this play! It was a great experience and I am extremely proud everyone! - Mrs. Martens

**Special thanks to Mrs. Ries for taking photos during the dress rehearsal.

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