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“Virgil’s Family Reunion” - School Spring Play

The Henry School will present their spring play entitled, "Virgil's Family Reunion" by Eddie McPherson on Tuesday, March 30th at 7:00 p.m. The performance is open to the public and admission is free.

In this play, the Sludge Family is preparing to have their semi-annual family reunion. The chaos begins when their neighbor, Pamela Chambers, threatens to have them evicted. Eloise Sludge doesn't take the threats seriously until an officer shows up to arrest Harley Wayne for trampling Pamala's perennial garden with his four-wheeler. Things really heat up when Virgil and Margaret have their first lovers spat, Ellard proposes to Bertha Mae and Grandma announces her engagement to Mr. Perky. Will everything work out or will this be the worse family reunion in Sludge History?

Cast members include: Jozie Hyatt (Eloise Sludge), Aubrie Hartley (Mama Hooper), Logan Lutz (Papa Hooper), Jaden Thomas (Harley Wayne Sludge), Hayley Goodall, (Pamala Chambers), DeLaney Anderson (Margaret Sludge), Collin Fuller (Virgil Sludge), Tehya Grode (Bertha Mae), Chase Kelly (Ellard), Dylan Jensen (Police Officer), Reagan Johnson (Grandma Petunia), Charlie Kelly (Mr. Perky), Olivia Fuller (Moe Moe) Alyssa Anderson (Larry Sue) and Denver Jenner (Uncle Lester).

The play is directed by Mrs. Martens.

We hope you will come join the fun!

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