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Weekly Announcement (Jan 30 - Feb 3)_


Monday, January 30

Breakfast: Eggstravagana, Toast Lunch: Chicken Alfredo, Pineapple, Garlic Toast,

Salad Bar

Tuesday, January 31

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Peaches,

Bread, Salad Bar

Wednesday, February 1

Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Fritatta, Toast Lunch: Softshell Taco, Refried Beans, Pears,

Salad Bar

Thursday, February 2

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza, Carrots, Mandarin

Oranges, Cookie, Salad Bar


Monday, January 30

GBB vs. Groton in Florence~~Bus leaves at 3:45

BBB practice in Henry

JHBBB practice in Florence

JHGBB practice in Henry (early)

Tuesday, January 31

JHBBB vs. Hamlin in Florence~~Bus leaves at 3:00

JHGBB @ Watertown~~Bus leaves at 2:50

BBB practice in Henry

GBB practice in Florence

Wednesday, February 1

BBB practice in Henry

GBB practice in Florence

JHGBB practice in Florence

Thursday, February 2

BBB @ Waubay-Summit~~Bus leaves at 3:15

JHBBB @ Waubay-Summit~~Bus leaves at 2:15

GBB practice in Florence

JHGBB practice in Florence

Friday, February 3

GBB @ Tri-State~~Bus leaves at 3:45

BBB @ Hamlin~~Bus leaves at 4:00

JHBBB practice in Henry


Ø Monday, January 30 Ag Trip to Riverview Dairy~~Bus leaves at 9:40—Back around 12:30

Ø Thursday, February 2 Midterm

BIRTHDAYS: ______________________

Ø Tuesday, January 31 Kara Lorenzen

Ø Friday, February 3 Tinsley Foster

A LOOK AHEAD: ______________________

Monday, February 6 JHBBB @ Clark-WL

Tuesday, February 7 BB DH vs. Castlewood @ Florence

Wednesday, February 8 NCRC Test; ACT Prep; Advisory

Thursday, February 9 ACT Prep

Friday, February 10 School Day; BBB vs. Warner @ Florence; ACT Practice Test

Saturday, February 11 GBB vs. Belle Fourche @ Henry

Monday, February 13 Assembly; BBB @ Faulkton

Tuesday, February 14 GBB vs. Roncalli @ Florence

Wednesday, February 15 School Board meeting;

Thursday, February 16 BB DH @ Sisseton

Friday, February 17 No Staff; No NTHS; GBB @ Waverly-SS

Saturday, February 18 BBB @ Groton; JHBBB @ Groton; JVGBB @ Clark Tourney

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