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Weekly Announcements


Monday, December 19

Breakfast: Egg Bites, Toast Lunch: Turkey/Gravy on Biscuits, Carrots,

Strawberry Cup, Salad Bar

Tuesday, December 20

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Ham, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Dressing,

Corn, Mixed Fruit, Salad Bar

Wednesday, December 21

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Quesadilla, Green Beans, Peaches,

Salad Bar

Thursday, December 22

Breakfast: No School Lunch: No School


Monday, December 19

BBB practice in Henry

GBB practice in Florence

JHBBB practice in Henry—5:30

JHGBB practice in Florence

Tuesday, December 20

BB DH vs. Clark-WL @ Henry

Wednesday, December 21

BBB practice in Henry

GBB practice in Florence

JHGBB practice in Florence

Thursday, December 22

BBB vs. Warner @ Florence~~Bus leaves at 4:00

GBB practice in Florence—9:00 am

JHGBB practice in Florence—9:00 am

JHBBB practice TBA

Friday, December 23

Winter Moratorium


Ø Monday, December 19 Vision/Hearing Screening Makeup—8:30

Ø Monday, December 19 FFA Fruit to arrive

Ø Monday, December 19 MAPS testing during 4th-5th Periods (Reading)

Ø Monday, December 19 Yearbook staff meeting after school

Ø Tuesday, December 20 MAPS testing during 6th-7th Periods (Math)

Ø Wednesday, December 21 End of 1st Semester

Ø Wednesday, December 21 Pie the Deans—8:30

Ø Thursday, December 22 No School

BIRTHDAYS: ______________________

Ø Monday, December 19 Natasha Huppler

Ø Tuesday, December 20 Alex Ries

Ø Wednesday, December 21 Dylan Brenden

A LOOK AHEAD: ______________________

Thursday, December 29 GBB @ Milbank

Friday, December 30 BBB @ Tri-State

Tuesday, January 3 School Resumes; BB DH @ Hamlin

Wednesday, January 4 ACT Prep

Thursday, January 5 ACT Prep; GBB/JHGBB @ Wilmot

Friday, January 6 BBB/JHBBB vs. Wilmot @ Henry

Saturday, January 7 GBB @ Redfield Classic