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Weekly Announcements (Feb 7-11)


Monday, February 7

Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Yogurt Lunch: Hot Dogs, Potato Smiles, Applesauce,

Salad Bar

Tuesday, February 8

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Chili, Crackers, Cinnamon Rolls, Mixed Fruit,

Salad Bar

Wednesday, February 9

Breakfast: Biscuits/Sausage Gravy Lunch: Turkey/Gravy on Biscuits, Carrots, Peaches,

Salad Bar

Thursday, February 10

Breakfast: Cereal/Toast Lunch: Chicken Sandwich, Hashbrowns,

Mandarin Oranges, Salad Bar


Monday, February 7 Tuesday, February 8

BBB practice in Henry BB DH @ Castlewood~~Bus leaves at 2:45

GBB practice in Florence JHGBB @ Castlewood~~Bus leaves at 2:45

JHBBB practice in Florence (early)

JHGBB practice in Florence

Cheer practice in Henry

Wednesday, February 9 Thursday, February 10

BBB practice in Henry BBB vs. Deuel @ Henry

GBB practice in Florence JHBBB vs. Warner @ Henry

JHBBB practice in Florence GBB practice in Florence

Cheer practice in Henry

Friday, February 11 Saturday, February 12

GBB vs. Red Cloud @ Henry GBB vs. Wolsey-Wessington @ Warner~~Bus leaves at 3:15

BBB practice in Florence

JHBBB practice in Florence


Ø Wednesday, February 9 NCRC Test—Jrs/Srs in AM

Ø Friday, February 11 Friday School

Ø This is Cancer Awareness Week Monday—Pink for Breast Cancer

Tuesday—Orange for Leukemia

Wednesday—Blue for Stomach Cancer

Thursday—Yellow/Gold/Gray for Pediatric Cancer

Ø Congrats to our 2nd Quarter Students of the Quarter

Pre-K Willow Breese KG Willie Johnson

1st Alex Fuller 2nd Rocky Pester

3rd Mikayla Monnens 4th Maelyn Ducker

5th Malakai Smith MS Aanya Fuller

MS Xaviah Smith Fr/Soph Caylin Kelly

Jr/Sr Jozie Hyatt

BIRTHDAYS: ______________________

Ø Monday, February 7 Nick Ernst

Ø Wednesday, February 9 Ace Lammers

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