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Weekly Announcements (Nov 7 - Nov 11)


Monday, November 7

Breakfast: Muffin Lunch: Burrito, Refried Beans, Mandarin Oranges, Salad Bar

Tuesday, November 8

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Hot Ham & Cheese Sub, Sun Chips, Green Beans,

Peaches, Salad Bar

Wednesday, November 9

Breakfast: Pancake on Stick Lunch: Baked Ziti, Peas, Pineapple, Cornbread, Salad Bar

Thursday, November 10

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Cheesy Mascot Bread, Carrots, Pears, Salad Bar


Monday, November 7

Tuesday, November 8

VB end of year meeting in Henry

Wednesday, November 9

Thursday, November 10

GBB meeting in Florence

Friday, November 11

Saturday, November 12


Ø Monday, November 7 SDSU rep—10:40

Ø Monday, November 7 5/6 BB vs. St. Martin’s—4:30

Ø Thursday, November 10 Veteran’s Day Program—1:30—Dismiss at 3:00

Ø Friday, November 11 No NTHS; No Staff

BIRTHDAYS: ______________________

Ø Friday, November 11 Sophie Thompson

Ø Sunday, November 13 Sam Blue

A LOOK AHEAD: ______________________

Monday, November 14 School Board meeting; Region OI

Tuesday, November 15 Fall Sports Awards in Henry

Wednesday, November 16 Midterm; Hearing/Vision Screening

Thursday, November 17 Too Good for Drugs

Monday, November 21 GBB practice begins

Wednesday, November 23 No School

Thursday, November 24 No School

Saturday, November 26 Clark Area Snow Queen Contest

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