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Weekly Announcements (Oct. 24-28)


Monday, October 24

Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Yogurt Lunch: Hot Dogs, Smiley Fries, Applesauce, Salad Bar

Tuesday, October 25

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Turkey & Gravy on Biscuit, Carrots, Peaches,

Salad Bar

Wednesday, October 26

Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy Lunch: Goulash, Baked Beans, Pears, Garlic Bread,

Salad Bar

Thursday, October 27

Breakfast: Cereal, Toast Lunch: Chicken Sandwich, Hashbrowns, Mandarin

Oranges, Salad Bar


Monday, October 24

VB practice in Florence

Tuesday, October 25

VB vs. Waubay-Summit @ Summit~~Bus leaves at 2:15

Wednesday, October 26

VB practice in Henry

Thursday, October 27

VB practice in Henry

Friday, October 28

VB practice in Henry


Ø Monday, October 24 OI @ Brookings~~Bus leaves at 12:45

Ø Monday, October 24 5/6 vs. Waverly-SS in Henry

Ø Monday, October 24 All-State Choir @ Webster~~Bus leaves at 5:15

Ø Tuesday, October 25 Bert Falak from NTHS to visit freshmen—2nd period

Ø Thursday, October 27 P/T Conferences—School dismisses at 2:00

Ø Thursday, October 27 5/6 BB @ Florence~~Bus leaves at 3:00

Ø Thursday, October 27 All-State Choir bus leaves at 7:00

Ø Fri-Sat, October 28-29 All-State Choir @ Sioux Falls

BIRTHDAYS: ______________________

Ø Monday, October 24 Steph Raasch

Ø Tuesday, October 25 Hayley Goodall

Ø Thursday, October 27 Eli DeJong

Ø Saturday, October 29 Macey Lane

Ø Sunday, October 30 Matt Lenssen

A LOOK AHEAD: ______________________

Tuesday, November 1 VB Regions TBA; Mt. Marty rep here

Wednesday, November 2 OI Districts @ Aberdeen; NSU Band Clinic @ Aberdeen

Thursday, November 3 VB Regions TBA

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