Prom will be held on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Prom may be attended by all Henry students from grade 9-12.  Students may bring students from other schools, but must sign up in advance.  Attendees must be at least freshmen and under 21 years of age to attend.

Because of Covid-19, last years seniors have also been invited to attend.

Dinner will be served at the school this year because of the increased number of attendees.  Ron Stern will be catering.  Parental help would be very appreciated.  Please contact Mr. Lenssen to volunteer at

All attendees are required to sign up by April 2.  See Mr. Lenssen to sign up.

Code of Conduct must be signed by all attending.  Forms are to be turned into Mr. Lenssen.  Class of 2020 does not need parental signatures.


     5:00 Pictures: 

          Emily Kahnke with be taking pictures.  All are allowed to take pictures, but please stay out of photographer's way. 

     6:00 Dinner:  This will be at the school dining area. 

     8:00 Grand March:  There will be a 15-20 minute grand march, followed by father/daughter or mother/son dance.  There will be time for last pictures following the dances and family is asked to leave premises by 9:00.

     9:00 - 11:30 Dance

          Attenedees are required to stay for the duration of the dance.  If they choose to leave early, parent/guardian will be contacted as explained in Code of Conduct.  Students cannot leave at any point during the dance and return to it.


Afterprom will be held in the Henry gym this year.  They will have a hypnotist and inflatables for entertainment.  Time will be from 11:30 to 2:30 am.

After-Prom is not a school activity.  It is provided by Junior parents to offer students a fun and safe option for students after the dance.

Students will want to bring comfortable clothes and shoes.  They may also want to consider bringing drinks and snacks.