Co-Op Activities Policy

Activities policy

For the sports co-op between

Florence school district and Henry school district

Grades 7-12

The three pillars of florence-henry falcon activities:

  • Attitude

  • Character

  • Sportsmanship

Adopted by boards of education

August 2009

Dear Participants and Parents:


Please read the Activities Policy Handbook which has been adopted by the Florence and Henry Boards of Education for the school year 2020-21.  We would like you and your child to study this policy.  Your child may not participate in activities unless he/she returns the signature form on the back page of this policy.  If your child would like to compete in athletics, their physical form must be up-to-date and in the Athletic Director’s possession.  Please return the signed form to the Athletic Director.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the Florence school at 758-2412 or the Henry school at 532-5364.



Todd Obele                                                              Alex DeVries

Henry Activities/Athletic Director                            Florence Activities/Athletic Director