Nursing Services

As you know, students need to be healthy to learn, and Henry school district is firmly committed to providing the best learning environment possible for your child. In response to this need, our district has chosen to partner with Avel eCare in Sioux Falls, S.D., to provide school health services. We will provide this service to all students free of charge, with the goal to keep students healthy and learning.

Avel eCare is a telemedicine provider with nearly three decades of experience delivering care to patients across the country, and its School Health program offers all-day access to an experienced school nurse through a two-way video/audio technology. The school nurse team is based in Sioux Falls and will assist school staff in treating injuries, illnesses, and chronic health conditions such, as asthma or diabetes.

The interaction between the eCare nurse and the student will be very similar to having a school nurse providing care on-site. With the assistance of school staff, the eCare nurse will visit with and assess the health needs of your child. If further care or treatment is needed, the eCare nurse will notify you of the outcome and together will decide the best options for the student. The eCare nurse contact number is 605-606- 0550. Please consider saving this in your cell phone contacts.

As we continue to respond to Covid-19 please know that we will be following the most recent guidance put out by the Centers for Disease Control and State Department of Health so your students will stay healthy.

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