What is NWEA MAP?

NWEA MAP is an dynamic adaptive assessment tool that measures your students’ achievement and growth in K–12 math, reading, language usage, and science.

What tests do students take?

We currently have students take up to four tests, depending on grade level. The topics are Language Use, Reading, Math, and Science.

When do students take these tests?

We take the tests 3 times per year. We take them in August, December, and May.

How long have we been using MAP testing?

We started doing MAP testing since the fall of 2012 so if your child has gone to school here since Kindergarten, we have data that shows their progress through the years.

Why do we use it?

MAP is a great tool to show us where students excel and where they have difficulties. We can then use that data to adapt content for that individual.

Can parents see their children's scores and progress?

Absolutely. If you would like to receive an NWEA MAP Family Report, we email one to you. It will look similar to the Sample Family Report below.

How do I request a report?

The best way is to email the Tech Coordinator at Matthew.Lenssen@k12.sd.us and he will respond to the email with the document. You can also call the school to request one.