Here are some big scholarship DEADLINES that are coming up:

All scholarships are posted on the school website and can be found at this link: These are updated as they are found. Please be getting me the Schwab before the end of this week. Thanks.

2/22/24  Schwab. Mrs. Hauck wants to review the student’s application for this scholarship before sent it. Edward Schwab Memorial Foundation due 3/1/24. Mrs. Hauck has emailed the application to all seniors.

2/28/24- Evie Kahnke Memorial Scholarship

3/1/24- Wurth Elektronik. Mrs. Hauck emailed all seniors this scholarship application.

3/1/24- ITC. (At least one student from Henry receives this.)

3/1/24- Farm Bureau Awarding Scholarships

3/8/24- Dacotah Bank Scholarship

3/28/24- First Bank & Trust

3/31/24- Build Dakota Scholarship

3/31/24- Clark County Riders   not just for Clark County students

4/1/24- Scottish Rite Book Grant

Again there are alot more scholarships that are posted on that scholarship page. If you have any questions please send me an email at Thanks.